School smartphone apps

Group Comms is the easiest, cheapest way to deliver branded, unique content to your parents and students

School apps attendance
School apps timetable
School apps reports

Securly delivering student data such as reports, timetables, attendance. Providing free unlimited messaging and replies.

School communication made easy with unlimited free messaging

Parent School Communication app

Connecting schools, parents and students

Group Comms School messenger app lets you securely connect your school, parents and your students. Deliver almost any kind of information within a filly branded feature rich smartphone app.

Free and unlimited messaging across all our apps.

Bring in your school data from almost anywhere

All data is encrypted, transferred over a secure connection and stored in the UK. If you would like more details about our privacy and data policies please get in touch

How it works

School apps download

Parents and students download the app

Some content about parents students

School apps secure

Securely connect

Some content about parents students

School apps message

Message, receive replies deliver student info

Some content about parents students

Your design and your brand

Each app and it's interface is designed differently to reflect your school brand and the type of content you want to deliver

Bespoke design

Intuitive content management

Quickly and easily administer your content and your messages through our unique content management solution, built from the ground up to cater for the needs of schools and colleges.

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£30 per month

Student data

£45 per month


If you want some additional development just get in touch